16th European Group Analytic Society International Symposium

“I welcome you to the 16th European Group Analytic Society International Symposium.

The main title is: “Art Meets Science: Exploring Challenges and Changes”. Some of the most fascinating and complex issues regarding our work will be addressed: to what extent is conducting groups a conceptualized, rational approach or a matter of our intuition, creativity and impulse? This time we have organized the themes under the following titles: “Art meets Science”, “Crisis: The Matrix Disrupted”, “Clinical Wisdom” and “Aesthetics and Ethics”. In times of relational thinking, aspects such as reciprocal influences in the group, including the conductor, will be discussed with reference to the unique inclusiveness of Group Analysis.

The Symposium participants will enjoy many opportunities to grow by taking part in Small and Large groups, as well as in the workshops and lectures where we can learn and share experiences from our practice and our work in the field. Many of us are connected through our fascination with the different aspects of groups and look forward to interacting as we explore group dynamics, leadership and roles. The natural but at the same time complicated human condition of ‘being in the group’ is full of challenges for us. We will meet the difficulties, challenges and opportunities of interaction, the disturbances in relationships in group settings which allow for development and cure to happen.”

Robi Friedman
(President of GASI)

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