Ever wonder what customers are saying about you?
Want to improve customer loyalty?


In a competitive marketplace it’s critical to know exactly what your customers think.
Moodnut is an experience-related customer feedback platform with real time feedback and analytics that provides valuable insights to a consumer-focused business. And we try to get your customers emotionally involved in the process.
Moodnut is the only non-intrusive solution that uses your customers emotions and spare time to get the feedback you need.
It has a clean interface combining beautiful images with simple questions, with two or four possible answers. Also you get the results in real time with negative alerts on your mobile and email.
Using both our tablet and mobile solution will empower your business to get the most from your customers.

Different ways to use our platform:

Service performance

Product feedback

New product development

Customer loyalty

Market research

Establish performance goals


Enhance every aspect of a visit.


Moodnut helps you to get the feedback you need to keep customers happy and turn them into your brand voice.


It helps you understand how to build loyalty and it will also help you define and set goals for short- and long-term decision making.


Moodnut allows you to increase customer engagement by delivering highly relevant statistics in real time.


It helps you to engage new products and test the perceived quality of your service, by appraising true opinions.

Make Every Visit Matter.

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