Benefit from kiosks

Whether companies are using an Android enclosure, Galaxy tablet enclosure, Kindle Fire kiosk or an iPad kiosk app, tablet kiosks are revolutionizing the business industry.

Some industries that greatly benefit from the addition of a tablet kiosk enclosure include:

Education – Custom applications can be made for schools and universities. Helping to foster donations, these tablets can highlight information for student registration, applications, admissions, campus directories, marketing events, sport schedules, on campus announcements, website navigation, digital signage, social marketing, surveys or polls, school brochures, an online and interactive class catalog and even POS systems for registration fees and bookstores.
Retail – A must-have necessity in today’s retail industries, tablet enclosures offer store directories, online catalogs, online ordering, inventory checks, order tracking, management tools, product displays, digital brochures, digital signage, looping advertising videos, job applications, website navigation, social marketing, surveys or polls and even full or partial POS systems.
Healthcare – From hospitals, dentists, doctors and urgent care centers to medical centers, iPad kiosks are excellent for easy to navigate building directories, accessing medical forms, pre-registration, patient admissions, job applications, announcements, social marketing, health information, brochures, surveys or polls and even co-pay POS systems.
Restaurants – Restaurants were among the first to embrace the convenience of mobile POS systems. Restaurants can use these systems to provide digital menus, wait listing customers, promotional signups, loyalty programs, capturing data, tracking inventory, social marketing and as a complete POS system.
Hospitality – Ranging from cruise lines and resorts to hotels, the hospitality industry can use interactive kiosks for attractions directories, city directories, check-in, hotel amenities, digital brochures, looping videos, onsite restaurant menus, job applications, social marketing and even POS systems.
Non-Profit Organizations – Helping non-profits capture data, these systems are excellent for newsletter signups, donations, videos displays, digital signage, event information, surveys and polls.
Warehouses – Tablets can easily keep track of warehouse details, such as product management, barcode management, price list management, category management, inventory management, order management, statistics management and even warehouse inventory.
Businesses – iPad security solutions are excellent for businesses, providing a POS system, digital signage, informational displays, conference room scheduling, retail sales terminals, loyalty programs, concierge services, company directories, reservation booking and can even serve as mobile secretaries.
Real Estate – Both residential and commercial real estate services benefit from iPad solutions, as they help highlight home tours, allow fast responses to offers, provide property images, offer mobile access to customer data and information, offer the ability to schedule appointments and feature paperless contract management services.

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